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VPN creates LAN Over Internet

LAN (Local Area Network) - local computer network, allowing devices to connect to each other in a geographical area, to work together and share data, making it easy for businesses to work and complete You can be assured of security and avoid outside intrusions.
A VPN (LAN Over Internet or Virtual LAN) is one such solution, but it can connect users and devices anywhere in the world to the same LAN.

VPN hides IP address

A VPN provides users with a connection to a separate network of servers and directs all traffic through that network. The purpose is to mask the real IP address of the user, help maximize data security and prevent hackers from infringing on personal information

4 reasons for customers to put their full trust in VPNWall

Create LOI (LAN Over Internet)

No logging

VPNWall does not record any access logs, customer personal data. Personal security is always our top priority

Support 2 connection types

Full-tunnel and Split-Tunnel VPN, ultra-secure military-grade connection encryption.
Full-tunnel VPN is more secure as all traffic will be encrypted by VPN while Split-Tunnel has faster access speed.

Number of servers concentrated in APAC

The diverse number of servers is the outstanding advantage of VPNWall.

Private IP is always available

Private IP support to work internally, securely, completely isolated from external networks.

Customer reviews

Feedback from customers is the motivation for VPNWall to improve service quality